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~ by aurataurmard on January 31, 2007.

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  1. Aurat aur Mard is inspired by a true story. It is a compelling tale about Obsession, Lust, and infidelity. It portrays the intricacy faced by couples in this part of the world, which are complicated more due to the conservatism of the society. It is about the fact that irrespective of how civilized and sensitive we humans are, there are extremes in all relationships where insensitivity finds the extent of infamy.

    It is a plot revolving around four characters trapped in a game of hide and seek. What is to be seen, is that who turns all above the rest and comes out successful.
    Starring:Shahzad Nawaz as DABEER BAIG
    Mahnoor Baloch as IZZAT ADIL
    Ali Kazmi as SHARJEEL KHAN
    Nausheen Shah as ROSHEEN ASLAM


  2. good luck

  3. Looking forward to it, it will be an excellent telefilm, with a good cast

  4. Awesome

  5. Good production… needs to be marketed properly…
    It has a good story but it is a bit too long…

    Good Luck Zaid

    Amyn A. Ghulamali
    G.M MArketing & Operations
    Rung TV Network
    Balochistan Rung TV
    Ajrak TV

  6. Nicely done (Y)
    nice web..

  7. goood going keep it up !!!! zaid aziz

  8. It Will Be A Big Hit Of Pakistan & Foreign Too Insha Allah … Really A Good & Big Cast ….. Peoples Favourite & The Story Is Also Awesome ………..

    Good Luck & Good Work Bro (ZAID-UL-AZIZ)

    Sani Rajput

  9. Awesome….

  10. I really like the flow of the synopsis, and ‘Uljhan’ sounds very promising. I’m looking forward to the project, and I’m sure the cast will do a great job! I personally feel that the casting is excellent according to the story line.

  11. Hey I visted the site, good job done. Keep it up…. I may not necessarily like the poster as such….but overall great job done. Keep it up

  12. Dear Zaid, and VoxVision Team,

    I visted the site, good job done. Keep it up…. I may not necessarily like the poster as such….but overall great job done. Keep it up

  13. indeed an inovation of its kind!..cant wait to get my hands on the full film..deep music and i believe a very strong cast!

  14. all the lucks to u zahid.. wish u all the best..

    its really innovative.. and when u know its by a very young person .. it gives u happiness [:)]

  15. Always knew ud do sumtin brilliant, proud to see that Pakistan is ready to set its mark on the international scene big time now, in every field.
    Always here for u, God bless u guys, loads of succes…
    Aneela Mirza, http://www.aneelaonline.com, http://www.myspace.com/aneelamusiconline

  16. Aneela was on this site, wow! I likeed her Say Na song from Bluffmaster, can we have something similar to that in this film?

    I like the ALi K and Mahnoor casting. Also such kind of concept was lacking. I’m sure this will have a youthful impact and will be well received by the classes. Good Potential, market it well guys!

    Best of luck!

  17. Insha’allah this will definitely become something BIG. Good luck to you all that are involved! And if it goes to dvd, please make it available to be purchased online. I’ll be sure to buy a few copies. 🙂

  18. she looks GOOD!

    The trailor has raised by curiousity about the film, looks like good performances! Shahzad Nawaz looks like a good performer and Ali K (my fav) looks different in a crazed kinda role.

    Good production values! The background score rocks!

    Mahnoor has a good meaty role I guess but Ali and Shahzad look like having some good complex scenes, Ali’s voice suits the role I guess.

    A slight deviation in the “other woman” story is now an “other man” one put into modern context with some other variables looks nice, waiting to see this now!

  19. hey faraz..just saw the trailor..awesomee job done 🙂

  20. GOOD SHOW ! beautiful cinematography .Mahnoor balouch looks elegant and Ali fits best in the role .Overall till know Good Job ! keep it up

  21. Zaid I think its an amazing effort by you to bring about the sort of change pakistani media required.Its very professionally made.The cast couldnt have fit the roles better.You deserve all the praises for this Zaid.Wish you the bestest of luck for your future projects and may you always be much more successful than you ever wished.Im with you and praying for you.

  22. The movie itself looks very interesting. i would love to watch it.
    Good luck!!!

  23. Nice appearance of Mah Noor and Shehzad…..

    Good Luck to all of your members…

  24. really impressive trailer = )

  25. trailer is Awesome!!!
    Amazing (Y)

  26. From the trailer looks very interesting and well made..definitely looking forward to watching it!! Good Luck!!

  27. SOOOOOOOOOOperb, SOOOOOOOOOOper trailer.

  28. zaid!!! you have done an excellent job! and i am really looking forward to watch it ……keep it up !

  29. From what I have seen by watching the trailer of the movie, I believe that the movie is going to turn out to be superb and brilliant. The characters from the movie, especially Mahnoor Baloch look fantastically elegant!

  30. just downloaded the trailer….looks great…..Really lookin fwd to watchin it…..All the very best ! Keep up the good work !

  31. i visited this site and saw the story and read the trailer..i must say its very impressive,,its great to see a breath of fresh air in the pakistani media industry!!!keep it up!!

  32. i visited this site and read the story and synopsis and viewed the trailer..i must say its very impressive,,its great to see a breath of fresh air in the pakistani media industry!!!keep it up!!

  33. ok, i’m from toronto, canada, one of my friends reffered me to this site, saw the trailer…honestly, i was impressed, now the mystery is. what is this? is this a movie? or a tv drama? when is it coming out if its a movie, or what channel is aired on if its a drama, please, someone tell me.


  35. hey its look like good production very good cast very bold topic for pakistani public i think if they like it i think pakistani people way of thinking is changing which is good

  36. When’s it set to reveal, is the question? =/

  37. Hi Zaid & Everyone:

    It’s nice to see that the project of this young man is finally going to launch. I’m sure this time it would be a nice effort of the whole team.

    Me, at Media Destination & HumAwaz is also glad to be the official media partner and promotion partners for “Aurat & Mard”.
    I’m sure it would be hit.

    Wish you guys all success!

    Mobin Khan, President

  38. The trailor looks amazing. Great work. I’m impressed.
    So is this a drama, telefilm, film?
    When will the masses be able to view it?
    And yes, I agree, please do advertise this well.

    …It’s nice to leave feedback, but what would be nicer is getting some answers to our queries.
    Best of luck with your work.

  39. Just Another flick of stereo-typed, private production, off main stream, commerical cacophony orbiting run of the mill cliches for the umpteenth time or really has some food for thought..?? Only a viewing can tell…

    When would the DVD be available..

  40. Great job with the website, with projects like this we can clean the sad image of Lollywood and this is the time for independent movies to take over Pakistani Film Industry and show the world Pakistani has more talent than Bollywood. Now start a major marketing blitz about this film in the US. AZN, an Asian channel on Comcast refuses to show Pakistani shows how can they now with this?

  41. Great looking trailor. Can’t wait for this film. Please release this film in Cinemas in Pakistan and overseas. We can show the world that we have so much talent and are capable of making quality films. Especially to our public who is obsessed with Indian films and Indian TV channels.

    If this movie does not does not gets released in Cinemas then I am sorry to say it will be a waste of time.

    We don’t want that.

    Any how good luck.

  42. Keep it up bro, i wish you all the BEST! This is sure to be a HIT!

  43. when this movie is releasing

  44. when will it be released? if it is released then from where i can buy this?

  45. When and What channel is it going to be played on? and is it a telefilm or a movie?

  46. my concerns are exactly those of Waffa above me .. where can i get hold of this and when! channels? or a cinema? or a movie shop? and i am confused about whether its a movie or a telefilm, just like her. would anyone be responding to these questions of mine is another unanswered thought… 😛

    seems promising though.. which is why i show such interest 🙂

  47. You will be able to watch it on ARY Digital very soon. So stay tuned, Once it has been aired, AAM will be released on DVDs.

  48. is it really a movie???
    the stills make it seems like a telefilm
    and i dont find the cast very good
    especially ali kazmi
    he is sooo ugh thoo

  49. So is this movie out yet or wot?And does any1 have any videos about forced marriages?

  50. i like the trailors………….can you please tell me where i can buy that DVDs or when it gonna be release……..waiting for the reply

  51. is a film or telefilm?
    is it gonna release in cinemas?

  52. Hi, Haven’t seen the film and after going through the cast. nor do I intend to. I mean what the hell Shahzad Nawaz is doing in it if the producers and director want their work to be taken seriously? The advertising conman is simply hungry of fame. He is repulsive.

  53. @ GoGol………You seem to be some one who seem to have twisted knowledge and confidence of an Ant- Shezad Nawaz is a legend of Advertising Industry… who may you be? I feel pitty for those who refuse to acknowledge role models in this country!!!!

  54. Awesome

    when this movie is releasing…??

  55. when this telefilm is releasing….???:@

  56. Thus far the movie looks very good and promising. I wish more movies such as these and Khuda Ke Liye can be made to make Pakistans image look good. By the way, why isn’t this movie being commercialised as was Khuda Ke Lliye. KKL was released all over America/Europe/Dubia…..why isn’t this movie taken seriously?? The producers should come up with initiatives to land this movie in american cinemas. Email me and I’ll send you details on how to get this movie released here in America.

  57. i have visited this site and have read the synopsis, though it seems to be a good effort but i guess all of your efforts are put on the execution of this film from the production aspect and once again u have not really worked on the story of the film. the story line of this film seems to be adapted from an english Indian Movie “LEELA” (*ing Dimple Kapadia and Vinod Khana along with a new actor) …as it is apparant from the clips of the trailor.
    if it has not been released uptill now u can still diversify the storyline with some nuances of originalty by enabling the character of Izzat {who is a novelist} to animate the characters of her novel/story as a portrayal of her stream of consciousness… this can also provide a double plot pattern complimenting a single idea and can also enhance the character of izzar with diversified intellects as a professor (who has to “KNOW”) and writer (who needs to “FEEL”).

    these are just my suggestions as a visitor to ur website. i have no intensions to point out ur errors just felt like responding.

  58. We appreciate your candid comments. We had no intentions of copying an Indian movie. Our writer based it on a true story. I will have to watch Leela to see what kind of a resemblance that movie has with Aurat Aur Mard. I still would like you to watch this when it airs. I’m sure you will find it a fresh experience atleast where the direction and post-production is concerned.

    I apologize for disappointing you. I hope this would not curtail your interest in our upcoming projects. Please visit our website to learn more about them. (www.vox-vision.com)

  59. im not at all disappointed. i just couldnt help responding reflexively. i feel that it is better to help others in making their things better before they bring it in public, rather than laugh or criticize at them later for their flaws.
    im sure that u must have workd really hard with the execution of this plot… as our new lot of directors are quite able and competent in producing their work with a potent use of the
    advancements in the technicalilties in this field. but u’ll certainly agree with me that the flood of dramas that we have these days on the tv screen are more filled with the gaudy colours, special effects, graphics, good frames and the daialogues which the people in them are deliivering are too plastic or at times they seem nothing but mere utterance. i wont go in too much detail as im sure u must be knowing much more than i do as this is ur profession. but as a keen viewer/critic i would like to just sum up my suggestion our that there should be a professional team of crtics who must ardently work on the minute details of any project before it is launched so that our drams can not only help in educating those who are ignorant but can also further evoke those who are knowledgeable with new and innovative concepts.
    these critics can be the intelligentsia of our entertainment world…
    thanx for believing anyways.

  60. hiiiiiii its a coool video i like it too much becz of my favourite actress mahnoorbaloch.i love her its a good choice i hope it is beauteous…..

  61. Thanks:)

  62. I live in the US. Can someone please guide me to a website where I can buy this movie online ? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  63. very nice,
    i would like to watch it complete.
    plz visit (www.youtube.com/abdulsalamnaz) also

  64. Recent News Update
    Releasing Soon…
    AAM is going to premiere on ARY Digital soon.
    Dekh Tamasha Ary Film Festival
    31st May,2008
    Saturday Night Special, 10:00pm PST

    Will keep you guys updated on the international schedule.


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    Thank you!

  66. IM waiting 4 ths telefilm since November 2007.Due to suspension of channels in Nov.07,ths telefilm got delayed as itz a part of Dekh Tamasha telefilms.1st telefilm in Dekh Tamasha “Dunya Goal Hai” was pathetic.Horrible!Now lets C wat Raat Rait Reet,Saat Aasman Talay & Aurat aur Mard brings 2 us in the form of entertainment.Aurat aur mard looks promising among all these 4 telefilms.Best of Luck!I shall surely watch it on 31st May,08.

  67. I am writng again on this blog bcoz i want to add one more comment through my participation bcoz it wil be the 100th comment on this blog.Love ARY Digital,Love Aurat AUR Mard telefilm.Bye.

  68. The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Mark your calendars, get your PEPSI & Popcorn, and tune in!

    Aurat Aur Mard is going to premiere on ARY Digital. Dekh Tamasha Ary Film Festival
    31st May,2008 Saturday Night Special, 10:00pm PST
    1st June ,2008 Sunday 2:00 am PST
    1st June ,2008 Sunday 3:00 pm PST
    AURAT AUR MARD – a VOX VISION production
    ‘Everything’s going to be black and white once AURAT AUR MARD is revealed . ..’
    AURAT AUR MARD MOVIE TRAILER: http://www.aurataurmard.com/trailer.html

    feedback : dekhtamasha@arydigital.tv

  69. Nice job 🙂

  70. the trailer looks good but when is it showing in London? Its not on the listing for ARY in London. Could you confirm day and time it will be here? Thanks

  71. I just finished watching Aurat Aur Mard on ARY. It was a good storyline, and I applaud you for that, however there were some weak areas. Like the acting ability for instance. I love Mahnoor Baloch to pieces, but in this sort of direction, the artsy-sort, like where at the end, where there is a background dialog run between the two ladies, their faces were supposed to rise up to the occasion and make up for the lack of lip-moving. They didn’t! At all! I mean, the faces were supposed to show every feeling ever emotion and expression and they just didn’t, which was really disappointing to be honest.
    Secondly, there was the music! It normally didn’t go along with the scene of the play and that kills the effect that the music is supposed to bring about in any filmography. The dubbing was a little off at some points, you couldn’t really tell what they were saying, specifically Ali Kazmi’s character became pretty inaudible sometimes. That could’ve been worked upon during editing.
    Other than that, it was good, it was different and different is always good. I’ve always liked Ahson Talish’s work, this one didn’t disappoint me, but I have seen him do better.
    But good work,

  72. hi guys its really fabulous..and mind blowing uljhan ost of this telefilm i never heard good teenage vocals in our traditional drama or telefilms i highly congratulates producer and director and appriciate musicians and all the team behind the scene now a days pakistan getting being good in their new ideas if they strive more and more by heart Inshallah our pakistani industry will become exceed on the target audience all over the world then i will be saying they bang on the target;)


  74. fabulous,fabulous,fabulous i knew you could do it as you are different yourself …… IT was different and i din’t see such a beautiful work ever in pakistan . I knew you could do something great and you prove it ……

  75. Congrats Zaid Aziz & your whole team.. This film was superb..acting,direction,production and the background score was awesome..Keep up the good work Zaid, i saw The Early Days on geo loved it,Ghonsla was a great telefilm ..But Aurat aur Mard was superb..admired Dabeer character 🙂

  76. Hi After seeing the trailer of this telefilm online i was curious to see the whole play..I must congratulate i saw the other 3 telefilms from the festival but after seeing Aurat Aur Mard for a sec i thought i was watching some english movie..you guys made us proud Pakistanis Congrates ..where can we get the dvd from?


  78. It was really an awesome movie. I was just flipping through channels and I found it on ARY. It was brilliantly told, the story was amazing. Even though the cinematography could have used some work, I was inspired by the movie. I say that because I see that there is hope for the talent that is in Pakistan. We have so much potential inside of us and we need to bring it out. Great job and I congratulate the production crew on a success!

  79. What a work Zaid bhai .. Brilliant telefilm you have so much potential inside you. great work bro and congrates to all the crew of telefilm on a success..!!! keep on rocking and keep up the Good work..!!!

  80. Superb work..!!!

  81. awesome story, wd gr8 cast,it’ll b gonna big hit,keep on doing great job!!!

  82. Well watching Zaid’s work is amazing and exciting for me. But this one is really great. Good camera work, hard work, acting, dialouges everything esecpially Shahzad Nawaz did a fantastic job…. The sketch thing is great and something very new and different. Loved the movie we need these sort of movies & work in our country…

  83. First of all great job vox team!

    I would like to tell how much I appreciate that finally youngsters are making their way into media and changing things around….for good def.

    Full marks to the actors, especially Shahzad Nawaz and Mahnoor Baloch, who were able to act out some very complex characters. Ali Kazmi is worth mentioning as well, as i have not seen him acting this well (and serious) in any other play. He sure did put some extra effort in this.

    The OST was OK. Nothing out of the world, but did fit the setting, which counts.

    Direction….was done differently on this project by AT. I appreciate that. Some of his last projects have suffered due to a very starplus like finish. But he works it out well here and was able to pull off a very decent job. Good job Ahsan.

    I saw a major shift in editing of this project from the local scene. The music, like mentioned earlier, was surely very western, which made AAM stand out to me. The changing background sound in each scene was dont very creatively and fitted to each seen.
    The picture was crisp and colors bright. Again a shift from local dramas/films, which usually have very dull colors and bore the youth. Although it was still not overdone on the color correction which I feel star plus series usually does.

    The storyline wasn’t bad at all. If only this wasn’t a true story, the writer could have made it more flavorful.

    Overall……The other telefilms in the film festival were not at par with this project. My vote goes to this movie and I would def. be waiting for next projects of Vox.

    On the other hand I’m sure vox guys will get a lot of criticism from locals who follow starplus or bollywood movies. They will end up criticizing the things which made this movie stand out for me. With time i guess people will develop the taste and will appreciate work that stands out from the rest.

    Best of Luck anyways 🙂

  84. After a long time we’ve seen the excellent story & cast that touches heart welldone and best wishes to all the team efforts of aurat aur mard from all of us.

  85. Hey Zaid 🙂 Congratulations! I enjoyed aurat aur mard tremendously,it is well handled,brilliantly portrayed and the actors have done themselves and their team proud. It is definitely a breeze of progressive change and can be watched over and again…keep rocking and b blessed.I look forward to working with u on url…lol…whenever we come around to it!!

  86. When is it going to be shown on Ary Digital in the uk?

  87. I was tonight confronted by the famous, Rubina Ashraf…. saying how my acting was unbelievable and terrible….. I was both shocked and astronished…. however, having said that…. I must apologize for having failed your trust and expctations for not being able to act as mcuh or conviencinggly as I should have- My regrets to the Vox Team and the audience… since if Rubina Ashraf is saying so…. it means I have failed!

  88. I think soOOo .. Shahzad Nawaz was perfect in a play and the way he acted is not that easy for everyone to play such type of roles ure excellent , outstanding and superb shahzad bhai .. and i hope may you achieve all ur goals in life and hope to see ya again in some telefilm by talented director Zaid aziz or with someone .. else but keep up the Good work and yeah lots of lums students appreciated ur work .. ure outstanding Sir.!!!! cheers Xa-ain

  89. Well by reading the statement of Rubina Ashraf. I think it’s completely wrong. 1st of all I don’t know any Rubina Ashraf in these days. The role of Dabeer was excellenttly and amazingly done. All credit goes to the maker of the movie. It was a completely new thing for everyone. It was not like other dramas the same things. It was a real story, great acting by Shahzad Nawaz. Shehzad you passed man. It did a fantastic job. The way you expressed it I and many friends of mine loved it. It suits you. You donot apologize for anything. We must apologize you for this thing. It all happened bcz of our lazyness that we didnot write a single word before it about your acting. Whateva we expcted from u from the PROMO you did more than that. You ROX! As we as MR.Zaid Aziz who tried and do a movie like this. We slute you Zaid and your team. You people did alot of good movies. Inspiring the youth and all the nation. Whatever Mrs. Rubina Ashraf said: I would like to say please show some work like this and then pass comments like this.



    Sani Rajput

  90. I think soOOo .. Shahzad Nawaz was perfect in a play and the way he acted is not that easy for everyone to play such type of roles ure excellent , outstanding and superb shahzad bhai .. and i hope may you achieve all ur goals in life and hope to see ya again in some telefilm by talented producer Zaid aziz or with someone .. else but keep up the Good work and yeah lots of lums students appreciated ur work .. ure outstanding Sir.!!!! cheers Xa-ain

  91. Acting was great and awesome man ……. Loved the shehzad bhai’s role…… You acted superb jaani. Forget the jealous ppl just work your own.


  92. You know, this country for ever now, has been reigned by a select few……….. so is true for the screen…… tonight I was invited by a sweet brother, Humayun Saeed……… it was a full house… Samina Peerzada, Adnan Siddiqui, Faisal Qureshi, Aijaz Aslam, Asif Reza Mir Sahib, Mahnoor Baloch, Sania Saeed and good ol’ Sajid Hasan………

    There came this confrontation out of no where, not as a criticism, but perhaps in a vocal tone a ‘guarding siren’ that in so many words said………….” I decide if you deserve to act”…………. “I decide since I have been there forever”…….. not to connote that I do not respect her views, for she has her own, and like all of us, she is free to form her own………… but to have had degraded me in a way, I thought she did not have a right to……………………….. I too could, not have certain faith in her works, notably her skills for what she has been churning………… but never convincing enough to try and confront her in open public……

    Trust me I do not mind her criticism, and I quoted this site to her…….. to ask her to visi9t, and see for her self, just how many people actually encouraged me………… not becuase I have done 5000 hours on TV screen, but because I felt that I need not do 5000 hours to attain fame- I did it for sheer passion………………………… hope she reads, as I have asked her to, to note that there is a difference between being a critic and a loud person with personal opinions……… it is heart warming to note that the ‘masses’ she seems to represent and did not like what I did………….. are not here……….. and the ‘masses’ that I represent are avidly for my support. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I hope this would prove to break the monopoly of self-styled icons and stars! I say…….. dare!

  93. One thing i really wanna tell Shahzad bhai its great that you really dont bother .. !!! Do ur work as ure .. trust me people like you like anything and ure awesome and ure the best the way ure and the way you act dont change ur self and hope to see ya soOoon on screen..!!!! Do what you want toO.. just dont give a dam to ppl .. whoever he or she izz..!!! =) hope so im not wrong

  94. and yeah ppl do get jealous from you bro .. its really difficult to act like you the way you did .. soOo..!!! let me describe you in a word “Spectacular” !!!!!!!!!!! Do visit lums students love you like anything in our university Cheeers!

  95. I cherished watching Aurat aur Mard. It was something most couples could relate to.. yes it was controversial but it is always good to reveal and expose the real issues out ..as we live in a taboo society.. the story was factual the characters did justice to it..never in the film I ever felt that I was watching a telefilm the actors did a fantastic job..Dabeer’s character was amazing… I recall he had a speech disorder in the character something that mahnoor izzat character hated in her husband..Shahzad Nawaz acted brilliantly for a sec I t hought he had the stammer problem in real but no he was actually following dabeer in real ..mahnoor looked gorgeous as always and ali acted well as well along with rosheen play ed by nausheen ..I t must be noted that such complex characters like dabeer and izzat’s require a lot of dedication and hard work, I must congratulate Shahzad Nawaz dabeer couldn’t have been better.. shocking to read the post by mr shahzad here..rubina ashraf aunty its about time we appreciate quality work and admire quality productions please..Mr Nawaz was bold enough to share his experiences here but the majority supports him and we feel he deserves 100% marks as I don’t see another actor playing dabeer as he did..we support and admire your work mr Nawaz ..keep up the good work, looking forward to Botalgali release keep rocking!

  96. Technically a very sound drama, wish the director had put in more effort and sensitivity.

    To start with besides Shahzad Nawaz who was the only saving grace, all three actors were total miscast. Mahnoor was so bland and Ali Kazmi just cant act. While on him if his character was taken out of the drama and more attention paid to the other three characters the show wud have been much much better. By the way Monalisa and Fahad Mustafa wud have been better choices.

    Further, SN was shown to be a big shipping tycoon, but alas he was dressed so shabbily. If I am not mistaken he was not shown wearing a proper suit to work, whereas all his employees were shown wearing ties !!!

    And I simply fail to understand why was the Church HYMN “Ave Maria by Celine Dion” used as a back ground score in the scene where the secretary is checking the bosses email and he is sleeping on the sofa. The whole scene was so ridiculous.

    Shahzad Nawaz undoubtedly was at his best.
    Locations / sets were cool.

  97. the work , sound , images , trailer all potrays your hard work ., it seems very well balanced and proportaioned but i really think that this kind of professional art should be advertise in a more blasty manner !
    cheers to you Zaid Aziz …. all my heartiest wishes for you and vox vision !!

  98. Who says Shahzad Nawaz;s acting was not good? It was great.He did full justice to his character. I wonder why Madam Rubina Ashraf commented negatively. Perhaps she wants Shazad to perform even better next time. The drama was excellent with good acting and direction. However I felt that there was a little Indian touch in the story.On the whole it was great.

  99. waiting for the movie….it is worth watching…

  100. shahzad nawaz roxxx!!! for ppl criticizing him…plz let us know what percentage of your shows have been successful. It is only because of our old actors/actresses that ppl started prefering to watch indian tv. plz dont take your frustration out on shahzad since most of the actors in paki industry dont know the ABC of acting to start with. who r they to criticize.

    note to shahzad nawaz …..i think they;re just jealous … keep up the good work.

  101. fantastic work. hats off to u zaid
    what a controvercial topic
    . keep it up. waiting for your next telefilm anxiously. gr8 work . from all the actors . wish u all the best,

  102. I cannot understand the story. Not impressing at all (Sorry but this is what i feel), Ali Kazmi’s acting was not impressive. Shahzad Nawaz was very good. I was not expecting this from him as an actor.

  103. First of all… congratulations to the whole cast and team of Aurat aur Mard! Good job guys… it was something very new and very nicely done! i totally agree… Dabeer’s role played by Shahzad Nawaz could not have been any better!! i think he did full justice to his character.. and i strongly believe Dabeer’s character could not have suited any other person this well! 🙂 as for the respected lady’s comments.. well everyone has the right to give opinions, but unfortunately majority of us just dont agree with her! anyway, i do understand that such comments coming from a senior artist could’ve only discouraged mr. shahzad nawaz.. but i would just say, in the end its the audience who decides and that should matter more.. and we completely disagree with her! Keep up with your good work!!

    As for mahnoor…she looked gorgeous as ever and i saw her in such a role for the first time & she played it good! Hope to see you guys coming up with more of such touchy, controversial stories in days to come! all the best! 🙂

  104. 24 HOURS LATER:

    In the interest of people who have posted the blogs here, after my anguish, or perhaps my having wanted to have apologized, in an OPEN LETTER to Vox Team and those who watched his attempt on ARY under the title, ‘Aurat Aur Mard’ following the rather, blatant and personal remarks, in a evening which had convened for matters of another nature, and not my personality. * smiles *

    Having said that, I must admit that it has made me think, wonder and rethink, all in a progressive, constructive way of course.

    I have begun to realize that the Dinner in discussion, was in fact a very nobel attempt, a good cause, for the good of the Actor’s fraternity. Initiated by a netural Humayun Saeed, who is a polite and considerate person…

    It now dawns upon me, how I had marred, with my no-holds barred presence, the self-crowned few who saw my presence too hard to digest… * smiles * And looking at things from another perspective, which may not be quite possible, should I not first work hard and alter my ego and start to wear shades not fit for my liking, I realized…. * exclamation* it was a moot of the ‘Top-Leaguers’, (in this subjective field, we can always spend an eternity as to what is Top League).

    I knew all on first-person basis there… but I guess, while I may be knowing them on a personal level, some I have known for years too, but with no bonding beyond social greetings and respect. Then there were some I have had supported immensely throughout my career and others in my capacity as a friend-

    but…it could well be that I was “intruding”- After all, it was the ‘Top-League’ and how could I have dared entered the sacred, sacrosanct circle- I guess I was committing ‘blasphemy’. * smiles *

    One of them for a fact had conveyed to me twice, how a family member of his, had watched it and liked my performance (not that I was looking for a citation or verification, but just a comment I was shared with) was also sitting there who did not somehow have the courage to say the same to my support, most interestingly, all sat through and not supported, whereas I have most of them, supported in their absence, so it was all so amusing, all such an interesting experience, believe me it had not offended me personally, since I need no validation, or certification- I will go on doing what pleases my intellect and will always try to give my ability and capability’s worth – while i hope to see progression, I want each project to be a milestone, and why not.

    I mean, every one else is filling the screen in every other production (again, their choice and their decision, and I can understand they are full-timers with this profession as their bread and butter, whereas I am under no compulsion to do this full-time… ), but when, and if I do, one project once every two years or so, PEOPLE are watching! In this age of 70 Plus channels, actually, I should feel complimented, that PEOPLE have time to watch my work and discuss, Good, bad or Ugly, is a personal choice, and surely it is everyone’s right.

    At the dinner, I feel that one of the interesting thing that was floated, by a fellow-artist was that ‘an artist is a sensitive being’- And quite interestingly my self-esteem, was in a split second ‘attempted’ (phew… it was a good blow, but gladly did not succeed) to having had (maybe in pure ignorance and unwantedly too)- So the disconnect between the words and action is nothing less than a farce- I again want to make it clear that personal opinions and views are always respectable, but when one wants to represent the masses, one needs not do drams with tired themes and borrowed ideas, one must first resolve to stand apart from glossies and rut.

    To your overwhelming support, I am speechless. I am humbled, and I stand resolved that, indeed, while criticism is good, but if it is condescending, it gets to one. I feel rekindled and smile as I intend to pass on a copy to my good acquaintance Rubina Ashraf. I would in fact pass one copy to all my respectable friends present there who were privy to those remarks, as I had politely maintained that my feedback was different to hers, and her thinking can only be her own personal view, which of course is her right, and I can totally understand that- However, I was quite perplexed when she had said, no she is giving me the reaction of the ‘viewers’… but it seems it was a tall claim.

    All praise to him, Allah- who giveth respect and only him who can taketh it away.

    Once again thank you all for your love and support.

    To Faraz Karamatullah:
    I have read with great enthusiasm your private note written to me over Face Book. While I understand that you wrote to me a private note, because you did not want to express here, allow me to at least take this opportunity to thank you in public.

    I am deeply touched by your sentiments and it has provided me a great reason to look back about what progressed at the ‘moot’ last night and actually smile to my cherish- Once again thank you for having taken out the time to write to me with your honesty and sincerity, do know it means a lot to me.

    In truth, just under 24 hours…. as I conclude this discussion, I feel honored and find myself rise from ‘vindication’ to ‘validation’-

    Needless to say, You love and support has shed some sunshine in this otherwise cold world

    God bless you all.


  105. I just wanted to congratulate & thank you for making something refreshingly original and visually sweetened & remarkable. Can’t wait to see your next film Zaid aziz and vox vision films. Keep up the great work,also, one thing i thought was one of the strongest points in the movie other then the stunning visuals was the music
    do you happen to have a soundtrack album available for purchase?

  106. I give this movie a 9/10
    Anyways awesome movie, can’t wait to see your next one.
    Your reply would be mega mega appreciated.
    Thanks bud, hope to work with you someday!

  107. I just wanted to say that after a long time I have seen the same passion of Pakistani drama that were used to be in old days, the acting the concept, the whole screen play was great. Shahzad Nawaz, Mahnoor Baloch, Ali Kazmi, Nausheen Shah all did a brilliant job.

    As I belong to a different world of films, but still I admire a hard work done by all the actors and director, and specially Zaid who brought all start under a great sky. I must say Aurat aur Mard is the come back of Pakistani golden and silver dramas.

    After Early days, and the documentart ghonsla, and now seeing Aurat aur Mard, I am waiting for the coming attraction by Zaid and Vox.

    My prayers are with you and I hope some day we’ll work together as I am planning to come back to Pakistan.

    best regards

    Zeeshan Shah (Assistant Professor – School of Film at New York Institute of Technology)

  108. Thank you Vox for your vision for bringing this intelligent creative and controversial film to Pakistani living rooms. …Brilliant!

  109. Thank you for your comments on the website!
    Most of the feedback from everyone who has downloaded the trailer or watched “AURAT AUR MARD” has been overwhelmingly positive& paramount. People liked our movie and are talking about it.
    The message can’t be less relevant in these times of treating marriage and relationships in a trivial manner.
    I literally couldn’t have done it without you SHAHZAD bhai…I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to you, and thank YOU for everything! After our script was completed from day 1 we were certain and convinced that Mr Shahzad Nawaz could play Dabeer’s character the best utmost and iam very happy to receive the positive comments here.. we think you did full justice to your character.. no other actor could have played Dabeer Baig anybetter than Mr Nawaz.
    I my team (Vox Vision) and the viewers surely disagree with (MS RUBINA ASHRAF) .. I hope she visits the blog soon , though aam rating proved it already
    Thankyou once again SHAHZAD bhai…
    Thank you everyone who made it possible by giving it high viewership ratings.
    Best Regards,
    Zaid Aziz
    Producer(AURAT AUR MARD) a VOX VISION production
    Web: http://www.aurataurmard.com
    Email: contactvoxvision@gmail.com

  110. Congratulations Zaid Aziz ! I enjoyed aurat aur mard tremendously,it is well handled,brilliantly portrayed and the actors have done themselves and their team proud. Mahnoor acting is superb.

  111. Let not some “senior” artist puncture your morale. What the real viewers think about your effort Shazad and of the whole film si pretty evident from this blog. Such a production is surely a sign of things to come and the “seniors” in my opinion are just scared of being phased out and being irrelevant in the near future. If just one film can make then take notice and try to beat it down then yoou can just imagine potential of all those involved with this production.

  112. Just Wanted to say how impressed I am with Mr. Shahzad Nawaz;s post. He has showed his class…he is popular yet modest, he is a celebrity yet very humble. May Allah bless him always and give him more successes in life. Ameen.
    For you Zaid; My hats off to you for your excellent play. My prayers are always with you.

  113. Fantastic Play hats off for ya Zaid and .. Shahzad acted So nice .. Both of you .. are simply Spectacular ..!!! waiting for he play cd’s like anything .. !!! Keep up the goOod work Zaid bhai and .. all the best ..!!!

  114. and yeah My prayers are with you .. Zaid Bhai ..!!! and yeah for Shahzad bhai as well ..!!! =p

  115. Excellent work Zaid…I consider Aurat & Mard as a marvellous peice of art.. the scenes and the roles incripted are true to nature and today’s life for sure. Congratulations on the succes dear! 🙂

  116. I saw the trailer and was blown away. It is suspensful, and touching. To see the full version would be a gift.
    Naomi Hewer, Toronto, Ontario Canada.

  117. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Progressiveness

  118. I think it was a great concept . it was a combination of good acting and team work. Shazade nawaz did a great job.

  119. Irony of the region is that the art movies and documentaries never make it to retail DVDz either because people think they won’t sell or for the fear of being pirated or because there may be deemed “Unethical” or “inappropriate” …

    I hope there is a way I could get this on cd/dvd or maybe I will have to wait till it again reappears on tv or till someone decides to screen it, someplace in Karachi.

  120. hi unfortunately i have missed to watch this telefilm and im living in Turkey right now. so is there any way that i can get this film purchased on the internet if it is available on CD or DVD. plz inform asap.
    Sara Niazi

  121. Dunya Goal hai …. dunya gaol hai is great movie … i loved the movie amazing script & direction

  122. A daring stab at the most controversial and harsh reality faced by the conventional herd mentality who denounces it vehemently. A little before time BUT spot-on. Keep up the good work!!

  123. Hi, it’s a nice telefilm which shows the reality happening in pakistan and mahnoor baluch performed very well and also we have seen new talent which needs to be exposed time by time. Thanks

  124. hi zaid I wanted to ask you about your casting for your feature venture

  125. hi unfortunately i have missed to watch this telefilm and im living in Turkey right now. so is there any way that i can get this film purchased on the internet if it is available on CD or DVD. plz inform asap.

  126. Indonesia Hair and Makeup Artist – Malaysia Makeup Artist…

    […]Welcome to AURAT AUR MARD Blog. « AURAT AUR MARD – a VOX VISION production[…]…

  127. примерный ресурс http://obnalclub.cc/showthread.php?t=8687

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